Whoa, Mamma Jamma!

Whoa, Mamma Jamma! Can you believe the larger cucumber’s girth is about the same as our rolling pin?!

The highlighter and rolling pin are for comparison. Now we’ll just have to wait to  see if the rest of our cukes end up similar to these two.


Sneaky Snow Peas

Usually we’re pretty vigilant when it comes to our fruits and veggies. However these two pods sneakily grew without us even noticing. I picked the larger one, rinsed it off, and ate it raw. They have a sweet slightly green beany flavor making them delicious! I’m excited to see more of these pop up so we can have a proper portion for meals.

Have you grown any peas? If so, comment with the type you have grown and how you liked them.


Welcome Back!

Hello! Welcome back to Gardens Growing.

Last year was our first year working and maintaining a raised garden bed in our backyard. Last year’s goal of having the kids try new stuff was met with flying colors. The experience of caring for and growing our own vegetables as a family gave our kids the curiosity and courage to try the vegetables we grew. With such a positive initial experience we all decided to give it another go.

With every new journey there are some growing pains; we took last year’s challenges and turned them into learning experiences to help us make out garden better. This year we made some additions to increase our vegetable yield and even added some fruit plants. Our goals this year is to 1.) get the kids eating/trying  more veggies 2.) freeze and can veggies for later consumption 3.) keep learning about our plants and sharing our discoveries about what works here in Hardiness Zone 9a.

Thank you for following our journey here on Gardens Growing. We look forward to hearing from you all, too.

Happy Gardening,

Ladybug Elsa 🐞

Little Ladybug

Gardens Growing: Spring 2017 Planning Stage