Shake & Bloom Surprise

When we started our garden early March we used Shake & Bloom to get a combination of flowers started. Here we are in May and the containers have lots of leaves but no sign of flowers. After realizing that the plants may be overcrowded I decided to thin them out.  However, when I went in with my shears we made a surprising discovery. Watch our video to see what we found.


Our New Family Adventure

imageMy husband’s family and my family both come from farmers and we both spent time around our grandparents’ ranch or land.  Along with my cousins, I chased chickens and got dirty playing near the pond on my grandparents’ land in Mexico.  On the other hand, my husband actually worked on his grandparent’s Louisiana farm before and after school.

Cultivating land and crops may be in my genes but in the past while I’ve attempted to keep plants (ivy, cactus) alive I have some how managed to kill them.  While these plants were supposed to be great beginner plants I just wasn’t ready to care for a plant.  So when we decided to start gardening vegetables and herbs we expected family and friends to ask why, but surprisingly they all expressed they would love to start their own garden.

With kids of our own now, my husband and I decided to start this garden to do something together as a family and to teach our children the invaluable life lessons that go along with tending a garden. And maybe, just maybe, we can get them to eat more vegetables.