Cucumbers Galore!

“Can we eat them now?” asked our newly-turned 5yr old when he saw us preparing the cucumbers for pickling. He and Little Ladybug quickly went for the sliced rounds of cucumber to snack on while they watched us do the hard work.

In reality, prepping the cucumbers (and tiny carrots) was not hard at all.  From cleaning, slicing, spicing, filling and closing the lid we took about 30 minutes with the kids helping.  Up til now our garden has produced about 25ish cucumbers from which we saved 13 to pickle.  Those thirteen were able to fill four quart jars and a large reused pickle gallon.

Now for the hard part. Waiting.

If you’d like to pickle your own homegrown pickles or store bought pickles head over to Matt Jabs’ post at DIY Natural for the recipe.  Feel free to share your favorite recipes for pickling cucumbers in comments section.

Happy gardening,

Ladybug Elsa 🐞


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