Garden Fresh

For about three weeks now we’ve dealt with tiny garden issues.  First, we had ants in our garden bed. Then, we had something eating the cucumber leaves. Finally, our basil and cilantro looked like a baseball was smashed into the center of the pots leaving the plants to dive out of the way.  I’ll go into more detail on that next post because after damage control on those tiny issues we have a small bounty!

Last weekend my husband, my two little bugs, and I harvested radishes.  Bug and Ladybug both voluntarily tried a bite of radish. Neither liked it but let me stress that they both asked to try a radish.  They. Asked!  I was in awe that we didn’t have to employ any of the tactics that usually fail.  Generally we have to coax, bribe, or sometimes trick the kids into trying new foods.  How cool that one of our most important goals with this family project is already being met only two months in?!  I’m beyond excited but I couldn’t express this to my kids for fear that they’d want to rebel and go back to their old ways. Even after they spit out the radish they again asked to try the still growing black seeded simpson lettuce.  Bug decided that this lettuce was delicious and that all kids should try it. OMG proud mother over here!

Tonight before the thunderstorms hit our area I was able to harvest some basil and cilantro.  The cilantro isn’t enough for anything but garnish but we will sure as heck use it in our homemade pico de gallo tomorrow.  Although I don’t know what I’m making yet, you better believe I’ll be using basil in tomorrow’s dinner.  There’s even enough to make a small batch of pesto. Feel free to share your favorite recipes using basil in the comments below.

Happy Gardening!

~Ladybug Elsa


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